WyldLife and Young Life in Snohomish Valley


Late 1970s

Young Life begins in Snohomish

Marilyn DeSoto starts Young Life at Snohomish High School, seeing the ministry grow exponentially as Tom Jonez and Ron Robertson join the leadership team. Over the course of the following decades, thousands of kids attend camps and local clubs.


local staff, volunteer leaders, & committee members

Our local leader team is vetted, background-checked, and trained to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness when engaging youth. A committee of community focused parents, teachers, and professionals oversee Snohomish Valley Young Life alongside regional, national and global Young Life leadership staff.

6 schools

we're actively involved in

Having started at Snohomish High School, Young Life is now also active at Glacier Peak High School, and Monroe High School. WyldLife is active at Centennial Middle School, Valley View Middle School, and Park Place Middle School.


kids we're aiming to reach

There are over eight thousand teenagers living in the Snohomish Valley Young Life area. Our desire is introduce Jesus to as many of these individuals as possible while helping them develop healthy relationships with their peers, families, and community.



Helping high school kids find true life

  1. We enter​ the world of kids and walk alongside them in an exciting and exhausting world.
  2. We share the hope of who kids can become and how life was designed to be.
  3. We hope that kids experience true hope and life to the full.


Walking with middle school kids as they ache for acceptance

  1. Middle school kids are at a crossroads and anxious to carve out their own​ identities.
  2. Young life leaders walk with kids in an overwhelming and amazing world.
  3. Kids get to be kids​ while learning what life is about.


Reaching kids of all abilities

  1. We invite and celebrate kids who often aren't seen by those around them.
  2. Young people of all abilities want fun, adventure and to find purpose.
  3. Every kid​ gets a shot at life to the full.
Contact Info:

WA81: Snohomish Valley Young Life

  • Office: 317 Lincoln Avenue | Snohomish, WA | 98290
  • Mailing: PO Box 464 | Snohomish, WA |98291
  • Phone:425-610-9352

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